About The Foundation

The Princes Lubomirski Foundation [Fundacja Książąt Lubomirskich] has been established in order to express and develop charitable activities conducted by the Lubomirski family for ages. It consists of the members of the distinguished family, particularly committed to welfare work. They demonstrate concern for the needy people as well as preserving national heritage.

The Foundation supports the development of Polish art, science; it also develops medical and educational projects. The scope of activity of the organization is very wide, from supporting ecological construction to endowing scholarships for students, purchasing computer hardware and medical equipment to the rebuilding of especially prized monuments.

The Foundation’s aims are universal. They can be accomplished at any place and that is why the Foundation operates on the territory of the whole country. They have been precisely defined in the Founding Act and the Statute in five points. They include:

- creating and providing conditions to disseminate and propagate patriotic, humane, pro-social conduct;

- supporting education-, culture- and art-related activities, which develop the above mentioned conduct;

- help in education and a start in life, conducting activities for enterprise development as well as activation in the labour market and in life for young people coming from families who rendered great service to Poland;

- developing and reinforcing conduct aimed at active cooperation on development of patriotic society;

- activities for organizations, whose statutory aims are: academic, academic and technical, educational, cultural activities and in the field of physical culture and sport;

- supporting and creating medical centres available to the public.

The Foundation conducts educational, social and academic activities, simultaneously supporting specialized institutions and individuals as well as setting up their own centres. Our programme activities are carried out through partially funding scientific research projects, scholarship and cultural projects as well as integration of the environment of families who rendered the greatest service to Poland. The Foundation aims to enable and make it easy for young people to learn, support those who are especially needy mostly through extensive activities connected with the purchase of equipment for schools, nursery schools, medical and science centres. It deals with renovation and revitalization of historic buildings, in particular those, which are connected with the Lubomirski family. It constitutes not only the continuation of charitable activities of the Lubomirski family but its development.

Statutory activities of the Foundation comprise the development of aims for which it was established and practical transfer of these aims to being accomplished. At present the Foundation’s work is focused on financial, organizational and programme support for undertakings connected with the Lubomirski family and their history such as the issuing of historical sources, support for the rebuilding of monuments in the town of Wiśnicz, the financing of a group of historical reconstructions operating at the castle and last but not least the co-financing of the Szreniawa Sports Club.

The Foundation co-participates in the exhibition “The Lubomirski family at Wilanów. Politics and private life” [„Lubomirscy w Wilanowie. Polityka i prywatność”] organized by the Wilanów Palace Museum. Together with this institution, it publishes books concerning the family and family-related ones, lends its own and provides content-related support.

Supporting young people, the Foundation co-finances the Szreniawa Sports Club from Wiśnicz, the local group of historical reconstructions; it has also begun the project of equipping computer rooms in schools connected with the family history and endows scholarships for students of the University of Economics.

It is in the course of establishing cooperation with the Prince Charles Foundation concerning ecological construction, preservation and renovation of monuments as well as educating young people in this respect.

Our plans for the future include:

- the opening of the centre providing support for victims of domestic violence

- starting business activity, profit from which will be fully earmarked for statutory activities.

- in September 2011 the Foundation is also having another charity ball in Wiśnicz, profit from which will be earmarked for the purchase of an ambulance for the hospital in Bochnia.



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