Renovation of The Wiśnicz Castle

The castle has been selected by the Princes Lubomirski Foundation because of the historical and architectural value it represents. Not without significance was the fact that it is a family estate belonging to the Lubomirski family. Its walls have seen the most important family events up to now.

The history of the building dates back to the Middle Ages. Initially, the estate was owned by the mighty Kmita family, who built the first residential and defensive residence on the hill. Then Sebastian Lubomirski bought the castle. The members of the family extended the castle, turning it into hard to get fortress surrounded by the wall with the comfortable and well-equipped residential residence, where kings often stay. The castle and the little town of Wiśnicz located nearby was the centre of cultural, economic and political life of the region.

The Foundation has been carrying out the restoration works at the castle premises for over a hundred years. The first renovation plans come from 1901. Despite the economic crisis, they were quickly implemented under the direction of Adolf Szyszko-Bohusz until the outbreak of World War II. Renovation was carried out at almost the entire castle and its surroundings. Since 1989, one after another, fragments of the huge building have been renovated. Renovation is conducted with the participation of representatives of the family and local authorities. The comprehensive refurbishment has been carried out in the ballroom. Almost the whole representative chamber has been restored. The Foundation invested in the renovation of the parquet floor, completion of plaster and maintenance of the ceiling. Copies of large format portraits of the members of the family were hung on the walls. The cartouche with the family crest was restored.

At the same time, the Foundation invested in modern technologies, which have been used at the castle until now. It carried out partial refurbishment of water and sewage system, and installed toilets. It cares for the surrounding of the castle; consented to have old trees posing a threat to visitors cut down and to have unattractive sheds, placed at the gate in modern times, pulled down.

After many years of being in a bad condition, the castle is regaining its original brilliance. The complex is promoted; there are more and more tourists coming. Last year, the hotel “Kmita” resumed its activities in the buildings by the castle. The location of the castle at the busy tourist routes is an advantage.



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