Mokotów is a prestigious district of Warsaw. Elegant and functional urban villas and buildings housing apartments are being built in the area of 34 km2. They are located near the required infrastructure and surrounded by greenery. The district of 230 thousand residents is well communicated with the whole city. Many embassies and learned societies have their seats here.

Only the name of the district, very unusual for Polish cities arouses some thought. It comes from the French language from the words Mon Coteau – My Hill. It was named by the Marshal Princess, Izabela Lubomirska née Czartoryska (1733 – 1816), who used to call her classical residence like this. The Princess Palace was built by the architect Efraim Szreger in the years 1772 – 1775. Magnificent gardens were designed by Szymon Bogumił Zug. In the 18th century, apart from the palace, the extensive adjacent area belonged to the estate of the Princess. It was a comfortable and modern suburban residence. Izabela Lubomirska and her husband were the owners of all of today’s district of Warsaw – Mokotów.

The Princess was a European lady and Polish patriot, heiress of great wealth. Łańcut and Puławy, among others, belonged to her. She was a friend of the Empress Maria Ludwika and other European monarchs. After the French Revolution, a part of the court of Queen Marie Antoinette found refuge at the Łańcut castle. The princess cared for her estates; created schools and workhouses for the youth where they could learn a trade. She was a patron of artists; collected works of art, which are still admired by connoisseurs visiting Wilanów and Łańcut.

The origin of the name of the most prestigious part of the capital is another mark and a memento of the permanent presence of the Lubomirski family in the history of the city.


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