The Princes Lubomirski diamond brooch at the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity auction

The Princes Lubomirski diamond brooch was put up for auction of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. It was handed over by Prince Jan Lubomirski-Lanckoroński and his wife Princess Dominika Kulczyk-Lubomirska. Income from auction will be transferred in 100% to the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity account.

Jewellery put up for auction of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity is a brooch in antique style, in the shape of an octahedron, made of gold and silver, set with 56 diamond rosettes. The central stone is a smoky quartz. The brooch consists of a top and bottom part connected together in a decorative way with gold hinges. The top part of the brooch is eight surfaces, in which decorative patterns are cut and polished. The whole is lined with diamond rosettes, highlighted with an ornament.

A detailed description of the auction is available under the link:

Robert Ulański, a jeweller specialised in making ancient jewellery, is an author of the replica. His works include single showpieces, entirely handmade according to the old school of goldsmithing, characterised by remarkable precision of execution. He has won first prizes in numerous All-Poland Goldsmith Contests. His portfolio is available at:
It is a replica of the brooch of Elżbieta Sieniawska, who bought Wilanów Palace from John III Sobieski. Currently we can see her portrait at the Wilanów Palace Museum. Artistic patronage of the Lubomirski family shaped the Wilanów residence for almost the entire 18th century. Until this day, works of art from this period have survived in the palace and the historical collections of the museum, displayed in the exhibition “The Lubomirski Family at Wilanów. Politics and private life”, entered in the permanent exhibition of the Wilanów Palace Museum.
Prince Jan Lubomirski-Lanckoroński together with Princess Dominika Kulczyk-Lubomirska were the founders of the subject of the auction. Both are active in philanthropic and charity life. Princess Dominika Kulczyk-Lubomirska is the President of the Polish branch of Green Cross - the third largest non-governmental non-profit environmental organization in the world. From his early youth Prince Jan Lubomirski-Lanckoroński has been continuing his family tradition connected with charitable activities, following his Father’s work and drawing the examples of his family’s rich history. He is the President of The Princes Lubomirski Foundation, which has been established in order to express and develop charitable activities conducted by the Lubomirski family for ages. It consists of the members of the distinguished family, particularly committed to welfare work. They demonstrate concern for the needy people as well as preserving national heritage. The Foundation supports the development of Polish art, science; it also develops medical and educational projects.



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