We fund vaccines for poor children

Dominika Kulczyk-Lubomirska and Jan Lubomirski-Lanckoroński gave its support for poor children from the area of West Africa. On the 4th of February 2012 they became the winners of the charitable auction. They bought by auction the costume of the Superhero – symbol of the UNICEF campaign: Guys save kids (www.unicef.pl).

This action is part of the broader activity of the Princes Lubomirski Foundation, which deals with the support for children and young people and cooperates with other organisations in this respect. The auction was held during the 14th Journalists’ Charity Ball, in which known persons from the world of media, culture, politics and business participated.

The Guys save kids Project is aimed at purchasing vaccines against poliovirus (causing Heine-Medin disease), tuberculosis or tetanus for 250 thousand children and 800 thousand pregnant women from Sierra Leone. The price of one vaccine is approximately 0.41 zlotys. In addition to the money raised from the auctions, the organisation collects means for the purchase of further vaccines, refrigerators to store them and syringes. UNICEF Polska is the organiser of the auction; its patrons were Łukasz Nowicki – actor and TV presenter, Przemysław Saleta – kick-boxer and heavyweight boxer and Sebastian Karpiel-Bułecka – leader and vocalist of Zakopower band. UNICEF has been operating since 1953, and each year it helps around 7 million children around the whole world. It runs different campaigns in the areas of lowering infant mortality, child protection against violence, the fight against HIV/AIDS, respecting children's rights and supports educational activities.

The Journalists’ Ball is an event of a cyclical character and long-standing tradition. It takes place every year in the Auditorium of Warsaw Technical University. During the ball many auctions of charitable character take place; income from the sale of tickets-donations is intended to fund scholarships for poor children from rural areas and small towns.



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