“Per Saecula” is organizer of the third Gathering at the castle in Wiśnicz.

The Wiśnicz castle again became the scene of clashes and games of the members of the princes Lubomirski court. “Per Saecula”, the association supported by the Princes Lubomirski Foundation, organized a traditional Gathering already for the third time. There were snacks of the baroque times, the battle re-enactment with the use of rapiers, “bloody” incident in the inn, the archery and sabre tournaments as well as the show and learning of Old Polish dances with the sounds of traditional instruments in the background. Numerous friendly groups of historical reconstructions and many spectators and tourists arrived at the Wiśnicz castle.

The Princes Lubomirski Foundation constantly supports the Historical Reconstruction Group “Per Saecula”. The goal of this association is to popularise historical knowledge, history learning through reconstruction and experiments in this field. The process of preparing historical re-enactments is long and requires many skills and determination. First, detailed examinations of the history of “everyday life” in the era are carried out: costumes, menus, methods of warfare, and in the end, games and equipment of the interior of the castle. Then, all the details are re-enacted and tested in practice, often before many spectators’ eyes. Final effects, shown during re-enactment, arouse increasing interest of both tourists and professional historians, for whom they are an opportunity to compare theory with practice.

The members of the “Per Saecula” association are very active in the territory of Poland; they also take part in international meetings. In the current year, apart from organising the Gathering in Wiśnicz, they have participated in re-enactments in Kraków, a march on the occasion of the anniversary of the enactment of the Constitution of the 3rd May and in Tata in Hungary, where a few days’ “manoeuvres” and negotiations with the “sultan” were held.

The project supporting the group of historical reconstructions operating in Wiśnicz, conducted by the Princes Lubomirski Foundation, is to popularise history, learn “live” and carry out scientific research and experiments in this field. Its goal is to reach mainly young people who seek inspiration for their passion and interesting and original opportunities for spending leisure time. Thanks to the involvement of young people from “Per Saecula”, the Wiśnicz castle has become a more attractive place for visitors. Training and exercises organised by the association as well as interesting lessons carried out in the unique atmosphere of historic interiors are attracting more and more tourists.

For current information on the association’s activities see: http://gohps.pl/.



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