The original Nativity play in the primary school in Kamieniec

Christmas is a time of magic, filled with family warmth, joy and love. For Polish people the centuries-old tradition and nurturing rituals is very important, as it is an inseparable part of our culture, to which we are strongly connected from an early age.

Every year a special atmosphere is created by a beautifully decorated Christmas tree, lavishly set Christmas table and the beautiful Polish carols. Those great moments create unique and valuable memories. Each of us store his or her own special and beautiful memories of Christmas. 

The students of the primary school in Kamieniec also wanted to honour Christmas holidays with dignity. Once again, they have prepared an original Nativity play performed under the direction of J. Klimek and A. Siecińsks for their teachers and invited guests including Dominika Kulczyk-Lubomirska and Jan Lubomirski-Lanckoroński. This year's spectacle was held on the 20th of December in a primary school in Kamieniec. 

The performances presented by the youngest generation evoked a true Christmas spirit. Wise words coming from the children reminded us why we wait for Christmas with such childlike innocence.

After the artistic performance the principal of the school, Mr. Tadeusz Kuskowski thanked the young artists and their caretakers for all their hard work put into the preparations. The principal did not forget to offer some kind words and Christmas wishes to the invited guests and the students. 

At the end of the meeting the Prince Jan Lubomirski thanked for the warm welcome at the school and at the same time expressed a desire to cooperate with it. The Chairman of the Foundation and his wife ceremonially handed the gifts to the children.. To a great satisfaction and sincere joy of the children, the gifts proved to be valuable and unusual. During the time when the gifts were handed out a fair offering beatiful and original Christmas decorations took place.



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