The return of Hetman Lubomirski to Rzeszów: or, a picnic with history at the castle of the princes Lubomirski

On the 1st of May 2013 promptly at midday inhabitants of Rzeszów moved back to the 17th century. The event was inspired by the arrival of Hetman Hieronim Augustyn Lubomirski to Rzeszów after the triumph over the Turkish army in the Battle of Vienna in 1683. The event was organized by Jan Lubomirski, the President of the Princes Lubomirski Foundation, one of postulates of which is protection of national heritage, also through promoting patriotic conduct. It is worth remembering and reminding new generations of the greatest moments in the history of our Homeland.


One of the main attractions of the event referring to the history of the Lubomirski family and the history of Rzeszów was a ceremonial parade. The march of the Polish winged cavalry started in Lubomirski Avenue, via 3 Maja Street, the Old Town and came back to the castle moat.

Many interesting items such as visiting a military camp, a falconry show, an exceptional court ball, a brass band concert and a concert of the orchestra of Szałamaistki were listed in the programme of the event. Gourmets of Polish cuisine had an opportunity to taste traditional Polish dishes, which used to grace the prince's table.

Prince Hetman Hieronim Augustyn Lubomirski was an owner of Rzeszów, an heir of Wiśnicz and Jarosław lands. At the head of the private army he took part in fights against Cossack Hetman Piotr Doroszenka, in the Chocim campaign and the campaign led by Sieniawski to Moldova in 1673-1674. During the Battle of Vienna his units were first to break through the enemy’s line and reached the gates of Vienna. In 1702 he led the Polish winged cavalry charge – the last in the history of Poland in the Battle of Kliszów against Swedes.



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