Jan Lubomirski Lanckoroński to be the ambassador of the Lubuskie province

The President of the Foundation took up the honorary position of the ambassador of the Lubuskie province during the celebrations which were held as part of the Days of the Province.

He stresses that he would like to show the best of this land, both among tourists and the province dwellers, whereas the uniqueness of the local architecture and the beauty of nature are values which should be the basis for information on the region.

- It will be a great honour for me to be the ambassador of the Lubuskie province and I agree to spare no effort to carry out the task entrusted to me – says Jan Lubomirski. The President of the Foundation has been involved in the Lubuskie province for years because of the palace-park complex in Lubniewice which belongs to him. Through opening the castle to visitors he would like to show the beauty of the whole region.


The Foundation has been engaged in cultural projects in the city. In December 2012 it co-financed the arrival of Father Christmas from Lapland, in which thousands of guests took part, which significantly increased recognizability of the city. At the beginning of this year the Foundation made the castle buildings accessible to creators of the independent film "Evil Rising”. The President of the Foundation opens the estate during the organization of social events, for example “Lubniewice – healthy commune” or “Feast of pikeperch” campaigns. The historic park is also accessible to inhabitants and guests.


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